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dog seat covers

Bringing your dog along for a trip can be loads of fun. What isn’t so fun is if your dog leaves a mess in your backseat.

It’s not even your dog’s fault, especially if there are hours of driving to get to your destination.

Seat covers are a great solution for long drives. They will protect your car seats from mess and can keep your dog comfortable.

Different Types of Dog Seat Covers

The key to finding the right dog seat cover is knowing what kind of cover you need. It will all depend on the kind of car and kind of dog you have.

Bench Dog Seat Covers

Bucket Dog Seat Covers

Hammock Dog Seat Covers

Irregular Dog Seat Covers

Why You Should Use Dog Seat Covers

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There are a lot of reasons to use dog seat covers. The most obvious is that it keeps your car seat clean from dirt, water, hair, and other messes that come with owning a dog. It will also help prevent any bad smells from staying in your car due to these messes.

Speaking of preventing hair all over your seat, do you hate having to constantly vacuum out your car? Sometimes vacuuming doesn’t even help. It can seem like the hair is part of your car at one point.

Seat covers can help reduce the amount of hair significantly. Your dog can roll around all they want and nothing will get on your seats. Then you can just toss the seat cover in the washer and everything will come right off.

Who doesn’t love having one less cleaning chore to do?

It Makes Car Rides Safer

When you are driving around, your dog is probably moving around in the backseat. Car seat fabric isn’t really meant to keep your dog in place. Plus, you can’t exactly buckle your dog in. Having car seat covers can help keep your dog in place and safe.

Good covers are made of slip-resistant materials. It will stick to your seats and not move around. This will let your dog relax as you’re cruising. This will also make car rides more pleasant for them.

You Won’t Need a Crate

Before getting a car seat cover, you may have used a crate to take your dog with you. This doesn’t mean using a crate is a bad thing. It keeps your pup safe and secure.

The only problem with crates is the lack of space for your dog. No one likes to be stuck in a cramped area for long periods of time. Think about how you feel when you are stuck on a plane for a long flight.

Not the greatest way to travel, right?

Dog seat covers provide a happy medium between safety and comfort.

Plus, it’s easier to set up and move around than a crate.

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How We Chose Our Ratings

We chose our ratings based on customer reviews. They are the ones that have tried these dog seat covers. They know if they are doing their job properly.

Customer reviews are great because they are always honest. They don’t hold anything back when they talk about whether they like a product or not.

5 Best Dog Seat Covers

Here is a list of some of the best dog seat covers that Pro Pet Supplies offer.

This is a durable seat cover made from 600d polyester material. It’s waterproof, which will prevent any liquid or mud from getting onto your seats.

It can handle a variety of vehicles. This is because it has elastic headrest and seat cushion covers. This means it will stretch to fit whatever type of seat you want. There are also 3 adjustable straps that will fit around the back of the seat.

Best of all, it’s easy to clean. You can just toss it into your washing machine whenever it needs a good cleaning. You should use cold water and then let it air dry.

It doesn’t have any reviews at the moment. People like this cover because it’s easy to use, it does contain messes, and it can stand the force of dogs’ nails.

People have complained about the fact that the colors are off, sometimes dogs still slip, and it doesn’t have buckles for the headrest part.

This is a bench seat cover made of micro-suede. This is really soft and warm fabric that will provide some comfort to your pup.

It has side vents and fabric belt keepers that will hold seatbelts to the seat back when you aren’t using it. The belt slits let the buckle to go through but keeps dirt away.

The SmartFit gives a better fit for all kinds of vehicles. The elastic panels on the sides and the front help with this as well. The Sta-Put seat anchors make sure that you don’t have to constantly adjust the cover.

It’s machine washable and you should let it air dry.

It doesn’t have any reviews at the moment. Perks of this cover are the material that it’s made of, it’s easy to put into your car, and your dog will stay put.

Takeaways are that the material of the straps are weak according to reviewers, some people say it doesn’t have good liquid protection, and that the elastic straps can stretch out.

This cover is made from micro-suede, fake sheepskin, and a lot of polyester fill to make the seat nice and soft. The micro-suede may be soft, but it can take a beating. It will protect your car from any messes. Plus, the material is easy to clean.

It has an adjustable strap that fits over the headrest and a Sta-Put tube device fits between the seat back and seat bottom to help keep everything in place.

It doesn’t have any reviews at the moment. Pros of this cover are that dogs seem to like it, it’s easy to wash, and dogs feel very safe in it.

Cons are that it can slip around sometimes, some people said that it felt flimsy, and that some of the seams may rip.

This is a fun little seat that will let your dog be able to see outside the window during the ride. You set it up so that it is strapped to the back part of the seat. With the straps, it can support your dog while not touching the ground.

It’s made of washable fake sheepskin and it even has a front storage pocket.

It doesn’t have any reviews at the moment. People like this cover because the straps are durable, small dogs can look out the window, and it’s comfortable.

People have complained about the fabric not being made of quality and that the sizing seems to be a bit off.

This seat cover is made with micro-suede that is meant to provide comfort and warmth. But, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t durable as well. Side vents and fabric belt keepers will hold seatbelts to the back of the seat when you’re not using it.

The Sta-Put keeps you from having to adjust the cover all the time. It also makes it secure for your dog, so they don’t roll around during the ride. It’s machine washable.

It doesn’t have any reviews at the moment. Pros of this cover are how nice the fabric is, it’s easy to install, and there is no slipping.

Cons are that the straps are weak according to the reviewers, it may not be able to protect from liquids as well as it should, and the plastic fasteners could fail.

Buyer’s Guide

It may not seem like much, but dog seat covers are important. Without them, you would be worrying about your dog’s safety. Plus, you would have to constantly clean out your car.

So, it’s worth taking the time to make sure you get the right one. You need to measure out the seat that you want covered. Check out how much your dog’s weighs, that way you know cover can handle their weight.

Think about the material that you want. Do you care more about being waterproof, or the comfort of your dog?

What kind of seat cover do you want? Do you have a small dog that you want in the front seat? Then a bolster seat cover may be the one for you. Maybe you have a big boy and want to let him spread out in the back seat. Then a hammock should be your choice.

Do you care about what color it is or is that the last thing on your mind?

Keep all these questions in mind as you look around. Make sure you read customer reviews to ensure you are going to get a good product. If there aren’t reviews on a purchasing site, Google it. There may be blogs out there that go in depth about the cover. People are always honest about their reviews because they care so much about their dogs.

Make Sure You Are Covered

A good dog seat cover can make or break a trip with your dog. The last thing you want to do is lose travel time because you have to clean up your car.

Plus, you want your dog to be comfortable. As mentioned before, it’s nice for your dog to be able to stretch out if you are going somewhere far away.

While it’s something small to buy, it’s worth taking the time to do proper research. The safety, comfort, and security of your dog is important. The same can be said about your car too.


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