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Pets are family and it makes sense that we want the best for them. Whether it’s making sure they are healthy or finding the perfect dog harness for them.

Finding the right harness can be hard though. After all, there are so many of them out there. There are also different types of dog harnesses. How do you know what is good for your best friend?

Different Types of Dog Harnesses

Dog harnesses are different from dog collars. Some people prefer harnesses because they feel that collars can be painful in the neck area of dogs. Though harnesses are not to be worn all the time. A single harness will not work for every kind of dog.

Dogs do come in different sizes, shapes, and types after all.

  • ​The Vest Harness

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This harness is good for dogs that don’t tend to pull. Pulling means that they constantly tug at the leash because they want to go somewhere that you aren’t leading them.

This type of harness is great because it can fit comfortably around their bodies. Because they are made to be more like clothing, it should hopefully prevent any chaffing in sensitive areas.

  • ​Back Clip Harness

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This is a webbed harness with a clip in the back to attach the leash. It goes between the front 2 legs to have minimal contact with your dog’s body.

This is another harness that’s good for dogs that aren’t pullers. You know you have the right size when it’s snug, but you can still stick 2 fingers between it and your dog’s body.

  • ​Anti Pull Front Clip Harness

Most leashes end up be clipped at the back of your dog’s neck or spine. This fine for some dogs, but it can be painful if your dog tends to pull a lot.

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It can cause “opposition reflex” to kick in. This reflex can cause your dog to push against any pressure they feel pulling them in the opposite direction. A harness that clips in the back could make walks a lot more difficult.

Having a harness that clips in the front will mean that opposition reflex will no longer be a problem. Now instead of a pull, your dog will feel a barrier when they try to push forward. This will slow them down.

  • ​No Pull Dog Harness with Front and Back Clips

If you want to have more options when it comes to clipping your leash, then you could get a harness that has clips in the front and in the back. These harnesses tend to webbed instead of vest style.

This may mean that you have to keep an eye out for any possible chaffing.

​Dog Harness Fitting Styles

There are 2 different ways to get dog harnesses on. One is over the head, while the other is a step in one.

  • ​Over the Head Dog Harnesses

People usually say this is the standard type of harness. These are usually easy if your dog doesn’t mind having something go over their head. These offer good weight distribution and complete body control.

It’s especially good for small dogs and well behaved bigger dogs.

  • ​Step in Dog Harnesses

This is exactly what it sounds like. You lay the harness on the ground and have your dog step in it. Then you pull up the sides and then lock it into place.

These are good for obedient dogs. Some people find this type difficult, while others think it’s the easiest way to put on a harness.

​How to Measure Dog Harnesses Correctly

small dog wearing one of the best dog harnesses

Image by Pixamio from Pixabay

Now that you know all about the different types of harnesses, it’s now time to talk about how to get the perfect fitting dog harness.

You need to get some measuring tape and measure the widest parts of your dog’s chest, and right behind your dog’s legs. Make sure to add 2 extra inches for any buckles, snaps, or any other adjustments.

Also make sure to look at any weight ratings that the manufacturer has.

​How We Chose Our Ratings

We chose our ratings based on customer reviews. They are the ones that have tried these harnesses. They know if they are doing their job properly.

Customer reviews are great because they are always honest. They don’t hold anything back when they talk about whether they like a product or not.

​6 Best Pro Pet Supplies Dog Harnesses

This list has a variety of dog harnesses that you can buy at Pro Pet Supplies’ website.

  • ​PERFECT FIT GUARANTEE: Need a different size? No problem! Contact PetSafe Customer Care at 1-800-845-3274 and we'll be happy to help you select the right size for your dog
  • ​MEASUREMENT INFO: When measuring, have your dog stand to make sure the sizing will be correct; our video provides info on how to measure your dog's width and girth for the Easy Walk Harness
  • ​MORE INFO: Harness sizing is based on chest width and girth measurements, not weight
  • ​ADJUSTABLE FIT: Four adjustment points allow you to fit the harness to your dog's unique shape while the belly strap's complimentary color helps make it easy to know which straps go on top and bottom
  • ​DETERS OPPOSITION REFLEX: Unlike traditional dog harnesses, the front leash attachment of the Easy Walk Harness steers your dog to your side to reduce or stop leash pulling

This harness helps deal with leash pulling. It attaches from the back. It has a unique loop design that’s easy to use, to harness, and be comfortable.

It has 2 quick snap buckles to get it on and off easily. It comes in red, black, and blue. It comes in a variety of sizes for all different types of dogs.

It currently doesn’t have any reviews on Pro Pet Supplies, but on other purchasing sites it has a 4.4-star rating. People like it because it does help with lease pulling, it doesn’t pinch or hurt the dogs that use them, and that it can handle different types of dogs.

People have complained about the fact it’s hard to get on, it can tangle easily, and sometimes the material of the harness can be a little rough on a dog’s skin.

  • ​PERFECT FIT GUARANTEE: Need a different size? No problem! Contact PetSafe Customer Care at 1-800-845-3274 or and we'll be happy to help you select the right size for your dog
  • ​ELASTIC NECKLINE: The elastic neckline of the PetSafe EasySport Dog Harness makes it easy to slide the harness on and off while also providing a gentle and comfortable "give" around your dog's neck
  • ​TOP CONTROL HANDLE: The comfortable handle is easy to reach and gives you quick control of your dog
  • ​CENTER BACK D-RING: The centrally located leash attachment helps prevent dogs from tripping on the leash when walking
  • ​EASY TO USE: The adjustable girth strap easily removes from the harness to help you find the perfect fit for your pet

This is a nice padded harness that mixes function with comfort. It has an elastic neckline to make it easier to slide on and off. It also creates a give so that it doesn’t strangle your dog’s neck.

It has a top control handle, so if you need to grab your dog for any reason, you can do it quickly. It has a ring on the back for a leash to be attached to.

It comes in sizes x-small through large. It also comes in blue, green, black, red, and pink.

It currently doesn’t have any reviews on Pro Pet Supplies, but on other purchasing sites it has a 4.2-star rating. Pros of this harness are that it does provide more control, it offers a lot of comfort for the dog, and that dogs don’t have to step into this harness.

Cons are that the handle is not as durable as people hoped, sizing can be hard, and the elastic bands can get loose.

  • ​Rich, Fashion Forward colors with Gunmetal accents
  • ​All cuts finished away from the skin to avoid irritation
  • ​Fully adjustable step in design
  • ​Available in extra small, small, medium and large
  • ​When measuring pet's neck or chest to ensure proper and comfortable fit, add 2 inches.

This is a webbed back clasp harness. It has a quick closure and is adjustable in 3 different locations. It’s built to still be comfortable while being in control. This is one that your dog will need to step into.

It comes in bright green, bright blue, black, green, purple, pink, and red. This harness is good for all breeds and has a variety of sizes.

It currently doesn’t have any reviews on Pro Pet Supplies, but on other purchasing sites it has a 3.1-star rating. People like this harness because it’s adjustable, durable, and the colors are fun.  

People have complained about the edges of the harness being sharp and it can hurt your dog, the strap width is a little thin, and the snap buckle can be hard to do.

  • ​Highly durable, long lasting neoprene mesh material
  • ​Comes with adjustable nylon straps for a perfect fit
  • ​Light mesh interior breathes to keep pet cool
  • ​Available in your choice of colors
  • ​Harness sizes range from 3-4 lbs. dogs to 20-29 lbs. dogs

This is a secure and comfortable harness. It’s made of neoprene mesh and has adjustable nylon straps, so you can get the perfect fit.

It’s a backleash harness.

It comes in red, pink, black, and blue. The sizes range from x-small through double x-large.

It currently doesn’t have any reviews on Pro Pet Supplies, but on other purchasing sites it has a 3.8-star rating. Perks of this harness are that it’s well made but inexpensive, it’s easy to adjust, and they are easy to wash.

Takeaways are that the sliding adjustment doesn’t always grip well enough, the sizing is off, and it may not fit bigger dogs comfortably.

  • ​[Three Flash Models Easy to Change] - Gasky LED Dog Harness offer three models of light, always lighting/quick flash/slow flash, you can change it easily with pressing the button during the night walk, Our special illumination modes are based on visual science to give visibility to your pets and warning the drivers in night to avoid dangerous in the dark.
  • ​[60 Degree Illumination & Reflectivity Safety Design] - Our pet harness is visible from over half a mile away, never lose sight of your dog outdoors. Unlike other reflective animal vests, our 360 degree illumination and reflector technology actively keep your furry friend safe by alerting distracted drivers and traffic before their headlights are on you and your pup. let your dog have fun and worry free out of the house, Day or night, morning or evening, rain or shine.
  • ​[USB Rechargeable and IPX7 Waterproof] - Use positive and negative magnet charging, Less than 3 hours' Quickly recharging and long lasting battery allows more than 10 hours of continue work per charge. Our unique waterproof design means you can enjoy swimming with your pets on the hot summer and adventures in the rain.
  • ​[Durable, Breathable Fabric and Machine washable] - Durable and breathable Oxford fabric allows your puppy to wear it year round, Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter, or just general wear and tear. Soft edge design avoid your pet's skin getting hurt. Worry for it will easy to get dirty and you don't want to wash it by hands? just throw it in the washing machine cleaning is so easy.
  • ​[No Pull and Highly Adjustable] - Pulling pressure is Averagely distributed to the body to prevent pulling and choking, Adjustable straps make our harness Easy-on and Easy-off, Gasky is the prefect companion for you to walk with your pet everyday.

This is another webbed harness that connects in between your dog’s leg. It’s made to be adjustable that way you can have just the right fit for your dog. The leash attaches to the back.

It comes in black, red, and blue. It has sizes from x-small to x-large.

It currently doesn’t have any reviews on Pro Pet Supplies, but on other purchasing sites it has a 4.2-star rating. Pros of this harness are that it fits well, the material doesn’t rub or chafe, and it’s easy to wash.

Cons are that the ring to attach the leash is plastic instead of the standard metal, the sizing is a bit off, and that dogs can easily chew through it.

  • ​Stops the hardest pullers instantly.
  • ​Ergonomic and comfortable design.
  • ​Guaranteed for life.
  • ​Small fits neck size 9 to 12 inches and breed such as westies, jack russells, and dachsunds.

This is a red harness made of nylon mesh and has nickel plated hardware. This is to prevent wearing and tearing and it’s weatherproof. It has sizes that will fit dogs of all kinds.

The non-pulling mesh gives you control without hurting your dog. Its elastic webbing stretches with your dog’s movement and still be comfortable.

It currently doesn’t have any reviews on Pro Pet Supplies, but on other purchasing sites it has a 4.4-star rating. Perks of this harness are that it’s secure, it’s adjustable, and comfortable.

The takeaway is that the threads seem to be weak according to some reviewers. If your dog tends to chew at harnesses, this is one that will need to be replaced occasionally.

​Buyer’s Guide for Picking Dog Harnesses

Picking the right dog harness doesn’t have to be complicated. It just takes some planning. Before you buy one, watch your dog as you take them out for a walk. Do they tend to pull? If they do, then you will want to invest in an anti-pull one. If they don’t pull, then you have more options.

Then think about what type of harness you want. Do you want a vest or a webbed one? Do you want one with padding or is that not necessary?

Also think about your budget. How much you want to spend? For the most part, a lot of the harnesses are around the same price. But, if you know you will need to replace these harnesses every so often, then you want one that’s at a comfortable price for you.

Finally, make sure to read the reviews. Do your research, see what other people thought of it. Was the sizing off? Did it cause any chafing? Did it irate the dog’s skin? Was it durable enough to last a while or did it break rather easily?

People are passionate about their pets, so they will be completely honest when it comes to how well they work. If it hurt their dog, they will complain. If it broke, they will tell you. If it’s hard to get on, they will not hesitate to say so.

Though on the bright side, if their dog loves it, they will say so. If works well and doesn’t hurt their dog, they will sing the product’s praises.

Doing all that should make picking out the right harness easy. That way, you don’t have to go through the hassle of buying one, trying it, and then returning it if it doesn’t fit or work the way you want it to.

​Make Sure Your Dog Looks and Feel Their Best

Like you care about what you wear, you should care about what your dog wears. Getting the wrong dog harness can be so much more than just looking bad. It can cause actual damage. It can skin rashes, wounds, and even hair loss.

Sores can develop that will need constant medical attention. These can be extremely painful. A good harness is so much more than about just looking good.

Make sure you take the time to properly assess what you need from a dog harness, what size you should get, and how it fits on your dog. Soon enough you and your dog will be strutting your stuff together.


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