Cat Trees: The 7 Best Pet Supplies Available in the Market

cat trees

Be honest – your cat is probably treated like royalty. Or at least your cat walks around the house as if he or she is royalty.

So you might as well get your cat a castle. And by castle we mean a cat tree.

Not just any cat tree – the very best cat tree.

A cat tree is essentially just a piece of furniture upon which your cat perch and survey his or her kingdom (a.k.a. the living room). At its most basic, a cat tree is a post with a platform on top of it. But why leave it at that?

There are so many cool cat trees out there. We’ve put together a list of some of our personal favorites that are sure to please your purring pal.

In fact, you will probably be jealous that your cat’s tree is more fun than any playground equipment you had as a child. What can we say – cats just have it made.

How We Chose Our Favorite Cat Trees

A cat tree can provide so much for your cat – a place to nap, perch, play, scratch, climb, etc. You know, general cat business.

So it’s important that your cat tree is sturdy and stimulating.

That’s why construction and design were the most important factors for us when creating this list. The last thing you want is for your cat tree to break after a few months, or for your cat to take one look at it and turn around, never to acknowledge it again.

A gray textile cat sleeping on a cat tree

We chose cat trees that won’t tip over when your cat jumps or climbs on it, and it should be sturdy enough to hold your cat’s weight. We took a look at the materials used to make these cat trees (usually ones made with wood last longer, but some made with particle board can be surprisingly sturdy).

As for design, we wanted to choose cat tress with a variety of configurations and features. A good cat tree should serve multiple purposes for your cat, so we wanted to choose trees that provide places to both nap and play.

cat sleeping on the cat tree

Also, an older cat might not want a tall tree with lots of stimulating features like a younger cat would. We chose trees that are lower with lots of cubbyholes for resting, as well as trees that provide an excellent playground for the rambunctious kitten.

Lastly, we wanted cat trees that look nice. After all, this is going to be a semi-permanent fixture in your home so it should be aesthetically pleasing.

Ultimately, we assure you that these cat trees will provide your feline friend with hours of entertainment and napping.

Our 7 All-Time Favorite Cat Trees

Here are (in our opinion) the best cat trees worthy enough to serve your regal cat.

Vesper cat trees are the best all-around in terms of design, construction and appearance. Vesper manages to create elegant and modern cat trees that don’t look like monstrosities in your living room, while also using cat-friendly materials.

We love this particular design because it comes in three different configurations and heights so you can pick a cat tree that best suits your feline’s lifestyle. Each version has at least one modern and sleek cubby lined with a memory foam cushion, as well as at least one platform for perfect perching (there are also cushions for the perches).

All of the posts are also covered in twine so your cat can scratch as much as his heart desires. And, there’s a dangling string toy for him to bat at.

To top it off, these cat trees have a clean and modern aesthetic. They come in multiple colors, but we love the walnut with white accents for a bright and warm addition to you and your cat’s home.

Overall, it’s quite clear that Vesper has not only your cat in mind when they make its cat trees, but also sleek, modern and inspired design.

The mixed materials on this cat tree are seriously (dare we say it) chic.

This cat tree has a modern, mid-century inspired design with the boxy levels and circular cutouts. Plus it provides your cat with a bunch of different textures to play with including rope-wrapped metal posts for scratching and fluffy, faux fur mats for ultimate napping.

The mats are removable too, so if you don’t like the faux fur you can change out the mats to match your home’s current interior design. Most importantly, cats of all ages and jumping abilities will love this cat tree. And it has a cute little pom-pom toy!

All in all, this cat tree is great for napping, perching, playing and sitting there looking cute. It’s a cat tree definitely worthy of your favorite feline.

This FrontPet cat tree is super unique with its natural-wood-meets-“The Jetsons” vibe.

It’s seriously modern and will fit in with all of your Ikea furniture. It comes unstained, so you can easily customize it to match your home’s color scheme.

Your cat will love all of the different levels for perching and climbing. The platforms are also all carpet covered for soft comfort. As an added bonus, there is a built in food and water dish at the base.

There is a downside to this cat tree, however. It truly is made for climbers, so it’s not going to be a good option for older cats. Plus it doesn’t have any cubbies for your kitty to curl up in. Nor does it have any toys attached, but you could probably easily find ways to add your cat’s favorite toys.

That being said, it’s a sturdy cat tree that rates highly among cat owners. If you’ve got a spry and athletic cat, we’d say this is the cat tree for you.

For a fun and kind of funky cat tree, we recommend the PetPals Ace Cat condo.

This cat tree is eco friendly and made with black and white recycled paper rope. The cubby and the topmost perch are woven with this paper and it reminds us of the graphic, grass baskets you might pick up on a trip in Western Africa.

The posts are also wrapped in rope for ideal scratching, and there are three different levels upon which your cat can nap and play. This cat tree is perfect for cats both old and young since it has the low-level cubby and the high-up perches. But, it’s not so tall that a small kitten could fall off and hurt itself.

The platforms are covered in a felt-like fabric that doesn’t shed like some carpet covered cat trees do.

In short, this cat tree is cute, durable and satisfying for all cats.

If you have an old kitty who has some creaky joints and moving much slower than usual, then this cat tree will be absolutely perfect. It’s low-key, small and great for naps.

This cat tree is entirely covered in carpet, so it’s perhaps not the most modern or sleek, but it will be very comfortable for your beloved cat. The cubbyhole is on the lowest level for easy napping, but it also has two upper platforms for minor climbing.

There is also a scratching post and a little feather to casually bat at. It tucks nicely into a corner so it’s out of the way, which is nice since it’s not the most aesthetically pleasing.

It is also very sturdy (it’s made with solid wood poles) and comes in multiple carpet shades. It’s a practical investment, especially for your older cat.

We love this cat tree for it’s super cozy, Scandinavian feel. The imitation linen covering makes this cat tree seem like you’re immersing your cat in a Hygge lifestyle.

It has a cozy cubby and a cushioned perch up top that is perfect for napping (and the cushion is removable for easy cleaning). There are also tons scratching posts on this cat tree, three levels for climbing and a little pom-pom toy.

This cat tree is minimalist and the colors are neutral so they fit in with any home. And it doesn’t take up very much space!

It is made out of particleboard, but it’s high density and should still last a long time.

Have you ever wanted a sculpture in your living room?

Well this cat tree comes pretty close to that.

Seriously, it looks more like an abstract expressionist sculpture than a cat tree. But we promise that your cat can climb all over this construction.

Like others on this list, the Lotus Cat Tower has a cushion-lined cubby with faux-suede lined covers. The different platforms are covered with removable Berber carpets (they attach with Velcro so you can easily take them off to wash them). And, the topmost platform is curved like a cradle so your kitty can nap comfortably for hours on end.

This one also has a carpet panel on the side so your cat can stretch up on its hind legs and get that urge to claw something out of his system (no scratching posts on this one though, sorry).

Of course, the design on this one is quite abstract and would be an eye-catcher in your home. It comes in two different wood tones and is very well constructed. However, the design doesn’t lend for much versatility in terms of cat activity. It can nap up top and in the cubby, and jump around on the platforms, but it doesn’t really make you think of playing (Plus, it’s quite pricey.)

Nevertheless, this cat tree is really nice for an artsy home and probably would make your cat a happy camper.

Comparison Table




Price & Rating

Product Dimensions

30.5 x 19 x 8 inches


55 pounds



Product Dimensions

15.75" x 14"





Product Dimensions

Height:60” Base: 30”x23” Bowls: 5” Diameter





Product Dimensions

L: 27 x D: 19 x H: 49 inch.





Product Dimensions

20"L x 20"W x 33"H




Five Colors Available: Beige, Brown, Blue, Gray and Green

Product Dimensions

21.7"W x17.7" D x 53.5"H(55 x 45 x 136 cm )


 12.9 kg


Light grey 

Product Dimensions

20 x 20 x 69 inches





Buyer’s Guide

A cat tree is such a great addition to you kitty cat’s life.

I mean, they love climbing, playing and sleeping in compact and cozy spaces, so what better way to satisfy all of those needs than a cat tree?

As we mentioned earlier, you cat tree should have sturdy construction so it can hold your cat’s weight and won’t fall over or something when your cat leaps atop it. That’s why we suggest wood construction, but you can find some sturdy cat trees made with composite materials.

Now you want your cat tree to be sturdy and durable, but keep in mind that your cat is going to wreak some havoc on it. That’s just what cats like to do – and better they claw up the cat tree than your couch, right?

So yes, you want a durable cat tree. But if the carpet and scratching posts on your cat tree are shredded after a few months (especially if you have a wild little kitten) don’t be too surprised or disappointed. Which is why we don’t suggest you spend more than $150 on your cat tree.

We know your cat deserves the best, but it would be silly to spend $300 on a cat tree only to have your pet rip it to pieces in less than a year. We also therefore suggest you try to find one that has removable cushions and fabric components. That way, if these parts do get destroyed, you can easily replace them without having to replace the entire cat tree.

Of course, if other parts of the cat tree get pretty beaten up, but the overall construction is still intact, you can totally get creative and do some DIY fixes on your cat tree!

But most importantly, your cat tree should suit your cat’s personality and lifestyle. A good cat tree should serve a cat’s basic needs – namely playing, sleeping, and scratching. And while we adore the cat trees on this list, you know your cat best and should pick whichever tree is perfect for him or her.

Just like you, all we want is for our favorite felines to be happy!


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