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Going to the bathroom is just a part of life. Sadly, you can’t just flush away your cat’s bathroom habits. Or can you? That’s why it’s important to pick the right litter, litterbox, and to know how often to clean it out.

How We Chose Our Ratings

We chose our ratings based on what insiders think and customer reviews. Insiders are great because they have access to a variety of products and brands. They know what to look for and are able to break down what works and what doesn’t.

The only problem is that you aren’t aware of any biases they may have. They could say something is great when it’s not, because of a connection they have to the company.

Reviewers from purchasing sites are great because they are the ones that have tried these cat products. They know if they are doing their job properly.

Customers are always honest. They don’t hold anything back when they talk about whether they like a product or not.

5 Best Cat Litters

Finding the best cat litter is key to creating a good bathroom for your cat. You don’t want one that’s too dusty or doesn’t have enough odor control. Your cat’s nose is more sensitive than yours, so you want to make sure it smells okay.

This litter is natural and doesn’t really smell. It was designed to prevent the smell of pee from filling up the room and not have any chemical odor itself. Best of all, it can deal with multiple cats at once.

It works even when you don’t scoop. Each piece of litter is coated with Arm & Hammer baking soda and powerful odor destroyers.

It’s 99% dust free and shouldn’t track too much.

It currently doesn’t have any reviews on Pro Pet Supplies. People like this litter because it’s easy to clean, it clumps well, and it does control odor.

People have complained about it being dustier than it should be, it will smell if not cleaned out often, and it can be heavy to carry around.

This is designed to be better than your average litter. It’s very absorbent and has a good handle on odor. It has gentle wood fiber composition that makes it smell even better.

It’s meant to be 99% dust free and planet friendly. You can even flush it down the toilet if you want!

It currently doesn’t have any reviews on Pro Pet Supplies. Perks of this litter are the fact it’s flushable, no dust, and it clumps really well.

Takeaways are that the clumps can fall apart easily, people have complained of it tracking, and some people say that the litter itself smells a lot.

This is a more natural cat litter. They don’t use any chemicals or silica dust. But this doesn’t mean that it doesn’t do its job. This litter features powerful odor control and can make smells disappear on contact.

It’s highly absorbent, binds directly to ammonia odors and locks them away. The sawdust shavings are gentle on your cat’s paws and it’s lightweight.

It currently doesn’t have any reviews on Pro Pet Supplies. Pros of this litter are that it doesn’t track all over your house, it does get rid of odors, and there is a lot less dust flying around.

Cons of the litter are that the smell of it can be overwhelming at first, some cats will hate this kind of litter, and it can be hard to clean out sometimes.

This litter has a special formula so that it can handle a lot of cats. It has moisture activated micro-granules that form a tight seal around the litter to prevent smells. It also features a 100% dust free formula.

The company guarantees 7 days free from odor without you cleaning out the box.

It currently doesn’t have any reviews on Pro Pet Supplies. Perks of this litter are that it clumps really well, there is little dust flying around, and there is no odor from the litter or when the cat goes to the bathroom.  

Takeaways are that sometimes the clumps can break apart, it does tend to track, and it can be heavy to carry around.

This litter is meant to smell like nature. It has natural wood fiber fragrance that also gets rid of any of the bad odors that come from the litter box. It’s made with whole kernel corn that makes the cleaning process so much easier.

It’s 99% dust free and septic safe. It’s advertised as being pet, people, and environmentally friendly.

It currently doesn’t have any reviews on Pro Pet Supplies. People like this litter because its absorbent, there’s little dust, and it’s lightweight.

People have complained about the fact that the litter attracts insects, the smell of it can be overwhelming to some, and it may not control odor as well as it says it does.

5 of the Best Cat Litter Boxes

There are all different kinds of cat litter boxes. They can range from covered to uncovered, sifting to automatic scooping, from square to circle, and so much more. The right litter box for you depends on your cat and the size of the area you are going to put the box in.

This is no ordinary cat litter box. This one is designed with a sifting screen on the top. When you lift the screen the litter falls away, leaving the clumps left to throw out.

It’s made of durable, reusable plastic, so you can use it for a long time. It reduces litter spills and holds everything in place.

It currently doesn’t have any reviews on Pro Pet Supplies. Pros of this litter box are that it makes cleaning quick and easy, you need less litter, and there’s less tracking.

Cons are that it can occasionally clog up, sometimes cleaning it can be hard, and that there is not a lot of height to this box.


This is good for cat parents who want a covered cat box and not have to use a scooper. It gives class leading odor control by enclosing litter and giving the added benefits of an odor door. It also has a replaceable zeolite air filter.

It has a high polish finish that is odor and stain resistant. Due to its design, it’s easy to clean. It has a sifting screen at the top, so that you can shake it and all the clumps will appear. Then you can just dump it and you’re done.

It currently doesn’t have any reviews on Pro Pet Supplies. Pros of this litter box are that it makes cleaning faster and easier, not a lot of litter spray happens, and it has great odor control.

Cons are that the plastic is too thick for some people, it can be hard to get the hang of at first, and that the latches don’t always hold.

This litter box may be the best way to keep your floors clean of litter. The way into the litter box is at the top and all the sides are enclosed. This also gives your cat privacy.

It has a non-slip grate to collect litter from your cat’s paws as they leave.

The entry hole is wide enough even for the biggest of cats and there is plenty of room on the inside. It’s easy to clean, all you have to do is lift and pour out the litter.

It currently doesn’t have any reviews on Pro Pet Supplies. People like this litter box because it does stop litter from flying, it makes it harder for other pets to disrupt it, and it’s easy to clean.

People have complained that it doesn’t work with larger cats, the lid doesn’t always stay on the hinges, and some people feel that it’s too tall.

This doesn’t look like your average cat litter box. This one is a smooth, circular one. This not only looks good but is good at keeping odors inside. It’s easy to clean because there are no corners for stuff to get stuck in.

It’s made of plastic and gives your cat some privacy.

It currently doesn’t have any reviews on Pro Pet Supplies. Pros of this litter box are that it’s stylish, it keeps litter in, and it’s easy to clean.

Cons are that the top doesn’t latch onto the bottom, some people feel that the plastic is thin, and that the filter doesn’t fit properly.

This cat litter box has a high back so that it can minimize litter scatter and spray. This is good for large cats or any cats that are messy. There’s a nice lower side for easy entry and clean out. There’s also handles for picking up and moving.

It has a reinforced bottom for extra durability.

You can get this in different colors.

It currently doesn’t have any reviews on Pro Pet Supplies. Perks of this litter box are that big cats are comfortable using it, it’s deep, and it stops litter from flying everywhere.

Takeaways are that it doesn’t stop all the litter from flying, elderly cats may have a hard time getting in and out of it, and the sizing is off.

How to Clean Your Cat Litter Box

We all know how important it is to clean out your cat litter box. If you don’t, then it will really stink up your home. If you let it get too bad, your cat may even start to go outside of the litter box.

No one wants that. But, do you know the proper way to clean out your litter box?

The first matter is of safety. It’s important to remember that whatever your cat leaves in the litter box could potentially be harmful to you.

When you clean, use a pair of rubber gloves and a mask. The mask will reduce the risk of toxoplasmosis. This is a dangerous virus that you can get from cat feces. Pregnant women should especially be careful of this virus. It can cause birth defects.

You should at least clean out your litter box once a day and change the litter itself once a week. This means that you have to throw out the old litter and scrub out the box. Make sure you are wearing gloves and a mask as you do this. Only use soap and water to clean out the box, any chemical cleaners could make your cat sick.

Bathroom Time is Precious Time

You need to make sure your cat is comfortable and happy in their litter box. This means finding the right kind of box for them, the best cat litter to use, and the perfect placement where they will feel comfortable doing their business.

You also need to make sure that you clean out the cat litter box properly, so that both you and your cat stay healthy.


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