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How We Got Started

Our 13-year old son, Ben (who was 10 at the time) wanted Mom to start a local Pet Day Spa/Boarding facility. Mom (Becky) didn't have the start-up cash for such a huge venture. So, with Ben's blessing, she suggested a digital home for pets and fur-owners, with the healthiest pet information on the web. Ben fully embraced the concept and actively helps out in generating ideas. Someday, Mom hopes Ben will take this site over full-time as his love of pets and maturity blooms!

Becky Gosky is a Mom, Fur-Mom, Pet Sitter, Wife, and full-time HR professional. Her passion is making sure our pets are as healthy and happy as they can possibly be!

About Pro Pet Supplies and Becky

Meet Our Dogs!


I am a humane society special - all black except for my gray chin, part shepherd, part terrier, all loyalty and smiles. In the summer of 2010, as a puppy, I was abandoned by my owners - which was sad because I loved my people very much. I had to scavenge for food and became very sick with tapeworms and kennel cough. I was "discovered" in the Best Western parking lot of my home town along with one of my siblings. The hotel owners called Animal Control. I was so relieved when I saw those nice dog catchers that I earnestly tried to please them and smiled my heart out at them. They unbelievably thought my smiles were aggression! How confusing for me! So, they got out their nets and tried to snag me. All I wanted was their love! Luckily, I won them over and they realized I was smiling at them!

About Pro Pet Supplies and Smiley

At that point, I got all kinds of love and cuddles. They took me to a nice warm building that had other sweet humans and animals. My bed was gratefully comfy and warm. I got good food and medicine to make me feel better and I started to gain weight. Best of all, they let me be the "greeter" at the humane society door and I charmed everyone who walked in. It wasn't too long until I got my own humans to go home with - they even had 2 small boys! I was in heaven and have been a loyal, hard-working companion to them ever since. I guard their home and protect their children from all sorts of predators like squirrel and deer. Thank goodness!


My owners tell me that Smiley was lonely and needed a best friend, so they came to get me at the Humane Society. Smiley tells me she wishes I never would have rained on her parade -- but she loves me anyway!

All I know is...when I saw those sons of theirs, I was instantly and devotedly in love. Every day is spent looking out for their every need. I make sure all creatures great and small approaching the house know I am boss and will fight to the end for those boys. Mom and Dad are great, too. After all...they give me treats.

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