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Do you frequently walk into your home to discover that there is a strong doggie odor lurking in the atmosphere? If so, you likely need to invest in a good pet odor eliminator.

Pro Pet offers a comprehensive line of pet odor eliminators that work in a variety of ways to help keep your home smelling fresh, even when your pets aren’t always conducive to such an ambience. Below, we will identify some of the reasons that pets make the house smell weird and which Pro Pets products are best for tackling these issues.

Pet Odor Eliminator Comparison Table

What’s That Smell?

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There are a number of reasons that pets can create foul odors throughout the home. For example, certain dogs just smell worse than others. Hound dogs are known for having a distinct odor and an unclean dog with wrinkly skin can develop infections that produce unsavory smells.

Below, we will discuss these reasons, and others, in more detail:


Body Odor

Bathroom Odor



Top Pro Pet Odor Eliminators for Your New Puppy

Below, we will discuss some of our favorite products in the Pro Pet line that are geared specifically as pet odor eliminators. We will talk about what they are, how they work, and when to use them.

Overall Rating

Wee Wee Carpet & Fabric is designed to help clean up messes during the process of housebreaking. If your dog poops on the carpet, they are likely to always associate the smell of that carpeted section with the process of using the restroom. This is why it is absolutely pertinent that you get the odor cleaned out immediately and fully.

Wee Wee carpet and Fabric is a pet odor eliminating shampoo that can be used to scrub out the smells fast.

Overall Rating

Wee Wee Urine Eliminator is very similar to its previously discussed sister product, except formulated stronger. Urine holds a smell longer than defecation, so it is necessary to use a higher caliber cleaning solution when eliminating that odor.  

Overall Rating

Wee Wee Air & Litter Box is a product that is designed to be used in the litter box to keep it smelling fresh, even when it has just been used. This is a wonderful product for cat owners, especially if you live in a multiple cat household.

Overall Rating

Odaway Ready to Use Odor Absorber is a powder that sprinkles over the carpet. You allow the powder to sit for a prolonged period of time, then you vacuum as usual. The idea is that pet odors in the carpet will find their way upward into the powder and be vacuumed up with the product. This is particularly helpful in cases of foul smelling pet dander.

Overall Rating

Ferret & Small Animal Odor Remover is perfect for those smelly rodents that we previously mentioned. If you have a ferret, a guinea pig, a sugar glider, or any other small animal that lets off its own unique musk, this safe and simple to use pet cologne will help.

Overall Rating

Simple Solution Oxy Charged Stain & Odor Remover is to be used on carpets or upholstery when there is not only a lingering odor, but also a lingering stain. You can clean up the appearance of your home while also pulling out the smell that caused the problem area to begin with.  

Overall Rating

Goodbye Odor Small Animal Waste Deodorizer is a product that mixes into the bedding of small animals to help eliminate the smell of their waste between cage cleanings. It is made from all-natural dried ingredients so that they are safe for use around your pet.

Overall Rating

Papaya Mist Deodorizing Spray is a cologne designed specifically for smelly dogs. It works well on dogs with hound lineage as a daily precautionary measure to keep them from smelling too “doggy” and spreading that smell throughout the day. This one leaves a fresh, fruity, and airy scent.

Overall Rating

Arm & Hammer Cat Litter Deodorizer is sprinkled into the cat’s litter box to help eliminate and cover up orders between scoops and cleanings. There is an added bonus to this product- it works as a clumping agent, which means the box is not only better smelling, but easier to clean!

Overall Rating

Skunks Etc is to be used for a reason that has not yet been discussed- run ins with our smelly wildlife friends. Anyone that has ever had a dog get sprayed by a skunk knows that the smell that results is something that can’t even be described. It is also incredibly hard to get rid of.

Before you go searching online for solutions involving tomato juice, peroxide, or other household items that are likely not going to work, reach for one that you know will.

Skunks Etc works fast and effectively to get rid of the smell of a skunk spray and should be kept on hand as a precautionary measure for anyone with a dog that enjoys a wildlife chase.

Overall Rating

Eco Bedding with Odor Control is small animal bedding that already has the odor eliminators built in. Because the odor eliminators are there, this bedding is often advertised as longer lasting. This should be ignored, however, because even the manufacturer recommends that you continue to change the bedding on your usual schedule.

Overall Rating

Simple Solution Cat Stain and Odor Remover is specifically geared toward odors that are attributed to our feline friends. Cats are particularly foul smelling when they decide to mark their territory on furniture, walls, or other surfaces. This is a particularly taxing problem with male cats that have not been neutered.

Overall Rating

Clean Cage Habitat Deodorizer is a deodorizing device that is installed into the cage of small animals to absorb the smells before they permeate throughout the house and atmosphere. You can use this product safely with all animals, however you will want to ensure that your pet is not able to gain access to the contents by chewing or other means.

Anything, if ingested in quantity, can be dangerous.

What if the Smell Doesn’t Improve?

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If your pet is particularly foul smelling and the odor doesn’t get better after you deploy new health and hygiene protocols, it might be time to visit your vet. Skin allergies can cause problems that should be treated quickly. Occasionally, pets will also acquire infections or bowel disease that can cause them to smell without much sign of other symptoms.

Making sure that your pet is getting the best care possible all the time is as important as making sure your house smells good. One problem can and often is tied to the other. Don’t’ forget your pet’s overall health in the quest for a more pleasant household ambience.

Keep Things Smelling Fresh and Clean

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There are a number of reasons why pets can make the house smell badly. Everything from skin allergies and infections to good old-fashioned flatulence and dirt can create an atmosphere in your home that is uninviting and hard to cover up.

Most of the time, these are hygiene issues that are easily solved by changing your cleaning habits. Occasionally, however, you will need to enlist the help of your veterinarian.

Thanks to the products listed in this article, though, you can likely find relief from this situation and move forward with a fresher and more welcoming home.

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