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Whether you like it or not, when your dog's nails are too long, you hear that clickety-clackety noise when he walks around on a hard floor. You might think nothing of it, but it's actually good to clip your dog's nails. And that's why you should learn about the best dog nail clippers out there.

Of course, clipping your dog's nails is something that you need to do carefully. Otherwise, you could cut off more than you want to. That could end up causing your dog a lot of pain.

It's important that you learn about trimming or clipping your dog's nails the proper way, along with getting the best dog nail clippers that you can find. That way, if you choose to clip your dog's nails at home, it can be a positive experience for everyone. That especially includes your furry friend!

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Why Is Clipping Your Dog's Nails Important?

You might wonder why it's so important to look for the best dog nail clippers in the first place. After all, you can grow your nails long if you want, so why can't your dog?

It turns out that it's more than a cosmetic issue. Unless your dog is really active outdoors, his nails will probably grow too long at some point. When they're too long, they could easily splinter or break.

Also, if your dog's nails get too long, it'll likely interfere with the way he walks. That could affect his entire posture, which could aggravate arthritis if he already has it. It's also just uncomfortable overall.

There is no necessary frequency when it comes to clipping your dog's nails. Some people do it every week or every other week. Some, instead, do it when they start hearing that clicking sound on the ground.

No matter how often you actually plan to trim your dog's nails, it's good to have the best tools possible. There are many different types when it comes to the best dog nail clippers that you can buy.

Types of Dog Nail Clippers

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If you want to find the best dog nail clippers for your dog, you should know about the different types. There are a few different ones from which you can choose.

Whichever you choose, you need to make sure that you know how to cut your dog's nails before you take on the task of doing it yourself.

You definitely want to make sure you know how to find the quick of his nail so that you don't cut through it and make him bleed. That will be painful for your dog, and of course, you don't want this.

You can see the quick pretty easily if your dog has white nails. It'll just be a pink area. However, if your dog has black nails, it can be nearly impossible to see, meaning in this case, you should only cut off tiny bits of the nail at a time.

That's true no matter which type of dog nail clippers you choose. And you should learn about them before making a choice.

Nail files

Scissor clippers

Guillotine clippers

Grinder tools

How We Came up with the Following List

In order to come up with our list, we looked at multiple sites that reviewed the best dog nail clippers. Then, we chose the dog nail clippers that appeared on more than one list.

We made sure to include a diverse mix of nail clippers. There are nail clippers on this list of all the major types, as well as for breeds of all sizes.

We know that no two dogs are the same. Different dog owners are going to have different needs when it comes to the best dog nail clippers out there. So we made sure to include something for everyone.

The 10 Best Dog Nail Clippers Available

If you're looking for the best dog nail clippers for your beloved furry friend, there are many options. The following are 10 of them.

Safari Professional Large Nail Trimmer For Dogs
  • Stainless steel cutters for long-lasting sharp edges
  • Non-slip grip
  • Regular trimming should be a part of your grooming routine
  • Best suited for medium to large breeds
  • For best results, cut dog's nails immediately after bathing

These are considered one of the best dog nail clippers you can find. They have textured rubber grips, a safety guard that'll help you prevent going too far up on your dog's nails, and stainless steel blades.

The trimmers have a spring-loaded mechanism that allows you to cut your dog's nails with even and easily controlled pressure. When you're not using it, the blades lock closed, making this item even safer.

This item was designed specifically for medium to large dogs. That means the blades are spaced an ideal distance apart for thick nails.

Dremel 7300-PT 4.8V Cordless Pet Dog Nail Grooming & Grinding Tool, Safely & Humanely Trim Pet & Dog Nails
  • PET NAIL GROOMER AND GRINDER - This rotary tool is a pet nail groomer and grinder that offers a safe, effective, less stressful alternative to using clippers on your dogs nails. Material: High Density Plastic. Battery Chemistry: Nickel-Cadmium (NiCd).
  • VARIABLE SPEED - Two rotation speeds let you safely and carefully grind the nails of your dog or pet in stages. Battery-powered device uses a 60-grit sanding drum to comfortably trim nails in a manner that is designed to be harmless and humane.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT - The lightweight, cordless rotary tool works with two speed settings 6,500 and 13,000 RPM and an array of Dremel sanding drums and bands to give you full control even at the fastest speed.
  • BATTERY - The 7300-PT 4.8V Rotary Tool is backed by a two-year warranty, 3-Hour Battery Charge, and works with a 755-01 4.8V Battery.
  • ACCESSORY CHANGE - In order to insert the bit into the tool, the user must first unscrew the top in order for the collect to expand, and once the bit is inserted, the user would then tighten the top to secure the bit.

Dremel is a great example of a grinder. It's a rotary tool that allows you to shorten your dog's nails with minimal discomfort. The cordless design makes it more portable and maneuverable.

It comes with two different rotation speeds so that you can grind your dog's nails in stages. You can do it quickly at the beginning and more slowly when you start to approach the quick.

Millers Forge Dog Nail Clip, Large
  • Sharp stainless steel cutting blades
  • Heavy duty, made in Italy
  • The choice of veterinarians and groomers

This set is a great option for dogs over 40 pounds. It features sharp German stainless steel blades. These allow you to make a clean cut on your dog's nails, and it won't crush them.

This product comes highly recommended by professional groomers and veterinarians. It has rubber grips, locking handles, and a safety guard to protect your dog from pain.

It's also ergonomically designed to be comfortable and not slip out of your hand so that you don't make a mistake and hurt your dog.

The safety stop on this tool makes it so you can only cut off a little bit of the nail each time. That prevents you from cutting into the quick.

Dog Nail Clippers - Stainless Steel Claw Cutters for Dogs with Safety Lock to Avoid Over-Cutting
  • DESIGNED FOR PET'S SAFETY FIRST - Our dog clipper has a protective guard to shield your dog's nail from "over-trimming".
  • EASY TO USE - Designed by two veterinarians for every day use with their own pets and in the clinic
  • ERGONOMIC AND RUBBER-COATED HANDLES - Easy grip non-slip handles for a comfortable grip and ensuring a safe nail trimming experience
  • SUITABLE FOR LARGE DOGS AND SMALL BREEDS - Pet clippers for your canines, cats or other animals.
  • CREATED BY TWO VETERINARIANS WITH 30 YEARS EXPERIENCE - tested by us everyday on pets

Groomers and regular dog owners alike can use these nail clippers. These are trusted products that have proven to work well. Two veterinarians designed this product to give you and your dog the best experience possible during the nail cutting process.

These have a lightweight design that you can use whether you're right or left handed. They have a safety stop as well to prevent overcutting.

Resco Deluxe Dog Nail Clippers, Original Pet Nail Trimmer, Made in USA, Small/Medium, Blue
  • Resco invented the guillotine style nail trimmer in 1937 and has proudly manufactured them in the USA ever since
  • Patented blade replacement technology - Replace your blade at a fraction of the cost of a new trimmer.
  • Deluxe grips and premium powder coat for style, performance, and comfort
  • Recommended by Vets, Vet Techs, and Groomers worldwide
  • Lifetime warranty - We guarantee our products are of the highest quality and made to last

You can choose multiple sizes of this item. It works for different breeds of dogs, as well as cats. The Resco is a set of guillotine clippers that has deluxe grip handles for your comfort.

If you need to, you can replace the cutting blade quickly and easily for a very low cost. Trainers, veterinarians, and professional groomers all recommend this tool. It comes with a lifetime warranty.

GoPets Pet Nail Clipper for Large Dogs and Cats with Nail File and Quick Sensor Safety Guard, Orange / Black
  • OVER 1000 REVIEWS 4.5 OUT OF 5 STARS - Must be awesome, 1000 reviewers can't be wrong, the quality of the clippers will be evident as soon as you pick up the clippers.
  • SPECIAL OFFER TODAY ONLY - BEST PET NAIL CLIPPERS ON AMAZON - Professional Quality Large Pet Nail Clippers for Large or Medium Dogs and Cats includes FREE Nail File - Recommended by veterinarians, animal trainers, and professional groomers
  • CLEAN CUTS EVERY TIME - Made with high quality 3.5mm thick stainless steel that's great for large medium or small dogs and cats which will stay sharp for years of worry free use. Designed and stress tested for thousands of smooth, quick, and sharp cuts. Stronger than a samurai sword! *Not tested against real samurais.
  • SAFE AND EASY TO USE ERGONOMICS - Greatly reduce the risk of injury to your pets with the quick sensor safety guard which prevents over-cutting. Easy to lock blades allows for safe and convenient storage. Large non-slip coated handles are comfortable to grip and provide great leverage for fast effortless cuts.
  • BUY NOW WITH CONFIDENCE - Our Unconditional Satisfaction Guarantee - ABSOLUTELY NO RISK TO YOU! We offer a REPLACEMENT TOOL or REFUND if for any reason you are unhappy with your purchase! GIVE BACK TO THE COMMUNITY when you buy with GoPets we donate a portion of all our profits to animal charities, no-kill shelters, and animal rescues so you can give back to your furry friends and their communities.

If your dog has black or thick nails, it can be hard to tell where the quick starts. These GoPets are a great option because they have a high-quality safety guard. It has a built-in quick sensor and safety guard, which gives your dog extra protection.

These clippers have large, non-slip handles that are comfortable for you to hold. They're available in both small and large sizes. That way, you can either use them on large or small dogs.

You can also use them on cats if you have them.

People who have an interest in this item can find it on the sites of multiple online retailers, including Amazon.

Dog Fashion Spa Crystal Glass Nail File for Dogs
  • perfect for dogs who are scared of clippers
  • non-porous crystal glass surface guaranteed to last forever and never wear down
  • 100% sanitizable and dish washer safe
  • reduces peeling and splitting of dog nails
  • use to smooth dog nails after clipping

Dog Fashion offers us a glass nail file that they designed to last for your dog's entire life. It's a good choice for people whose dogs can't deal with traditional nail trimmers. It has a non-porous surface that won't hold bacteria or other germs.

This product is dishwasher-safe, so you can clean it easily. It also works for dogs of all ages and breeds.

Pet Nail Clippers for Small Animals - Best Cat Nail Clippers & Claw Trimmer for Home Grooming Kit - Professional Grooming Tool for Tiny Dog Cat Bunny Rabbit Bird Puppy Kitten Ferret - Ebook Guide
  • FOR SMALL PETS: Our claw scissors have been designed to be used on small animals, such as dogs, kittens, puppies, birds and bunny. Use them as kitten nail clippers or as general pet nail trimmers.
  • SAFE & EASY TO USE: Fitted with razor sharp blades made out of stainless steel and an ergonomic grip made out of a top grade plastic the production of these clippers does not harm the environment.
  • USER FRIENDLY DESIGN: The stainless steel blade and the handle is finished with a rubberized coating that allows you to securely grip them in order to prevent painful accidents.
  • INSTRUCTIONAL EBOOK: Worried about clipping your pet's nails for the first time? Don't you fret! Just scan the QR code on the back of the package with your smartphone and get the full guide right now.
  • RISK-FREE GUARANTEE: As with all other pet grooming tools by SHINY PET these cat nail cutter are backed by a lifetime money-back guarantee.

The manufacturers designed these especially for small dogs. You can use them on other small pets as well, such as rabbits, cats, and birds. The clipper has sharp, angled, stainless steel blades that will cut small nails cleanly and safely.

The handles are made of 100 percent recycled plastic and finished with a coating that will make it very hard for your hands to slip.

ManTTa Pet Nail Clippers- Professional Grooming Nail Cutter For Large Or Small Dogs & Cats - Safety Guard That Prevents Overcutting - Ergonomic Handles - Sharp Blades - Easy & Quiet Nail Trimming
  • PROVIDE YOUR FURRY FRIEND WITH EXCELLENT CARE: Having a dog or a cat is a true blessing! These beautiful creatures fill your life with love! As a result, keeping your little friend happy and healthy becomes your number one goal. These must have nail clippers are ideal for anyone who wants to provide their pets with excellent care! We bet that this is you!
  • SETTLE FOR NOTHING LESS THAN PROFESSIONAL QUALITY: Your pet deserves the best! These professional nail clippers feature high quality, sturdy, precision cutting, sharp stainless steel blades and a built in file that will help you trim your pet's nails smoothly and effortlessly. This will make the whole process stress free for you and your little friend alike! It's all about smiles and wagging tails!
  • KEEP YOUR PET SAFE AND HAPPY: Would you ever hurt your four legged friend? Of course not! This is exactly why you should forget about cheaply made nail cutters once and for all! These top notch pet nail clippers feature a safety guard that will prevent overcutting. Injuries, cuts and bleeding crashed nails are history for you and your loyal friend!
  • ENJOY UNMATCHED COMFORT: These must have pet grooming clippers feature a unique design. The ergonomic, comfortable to hold handles will provide you with a steady grip, allowing you to easily cut your pet's nails quickly and safely.
  • 100% RISK FREE PURCHASE: Keeping you satisfied and providing you with the friendliest customer service is our primary goal. This is why we stand 100% behind our products, offering you a 120 days money back guarantee in case these pet nail clippers do not live up to your expectations!

The ManTTa comes with razor-sharp stainless steel blades. It also has an ergonomic design with a non-slip soft handle and a safety stop guard to protect your dog from unnecessary pain. It has a built-in handle lock, so you can store it safely.

These clippers come with a free nail file so that you can file your dog's nails after clipping. You can use it whether you're left or right-handed.

Comfort Grip Small Nail Trimmer For Dogs & Cats-
  • Westminster Pet Products-Soft Grip Small Nail Trimmer For Dogs & Cats
  • Perfect for use on both small dogs and cats! This package contains one pair of 4-1/4x2-1/2 inch small nail trimmers with soft grip handles
  • Imported

These are a great option for people who want to clip the nails of small dogs or even cats. It's a pair of scissor clippers that comes with a comfortable handle.

This product is gentle, safe, and easy to use. The handle is designed not to slip and cause you to hurt your dog.

Keeping Them Short and to the Point...

Stainless nail clippers

Image via Flickr

Now that you know the importance of finding the best dog nail clippers for your furry friend, you can choose the best option.

You know that it's important to keep your dog's nails short for his own comfort. You also want to make sure you don't hurt your dog while clipping his nails.

Of course, you could have a dog who doesn't let you clip his nails. A lot of people have skittish pooches who just won't tolerate it at all. In these cases, you might have to just take him to a groomer.

In most cases, though, it's best that you clip your dog's nails yourself. Just be careful to learn the proper procedures and know how not to cut the quick. As long as you do it properly, it should be a pleasant experience for both you and your canine friend.

What do you think of everything you've learned about the best dog nail clippers available? Let us know in the comments section!


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